Part 1: Theory

Multiple choice section

This section tests your knowledge of the Highway Code and other instructional matters via a Personal Computer and lasts for 90 minutes. You are asked 100 questions with optional voice over. For each question four answers are shown on the screen and you are required to select the answer you think is correct.

To pass you are required to answer 85 questions correctly overall (including 20 within each of the 4 subject groups tested, also known as bands). The DSA provide a full list of all the questions and associated answers used so that training companies can incorporate then into their revision programmes.

Hazard perception section

This section tests you ability to identify moving hazards ahead that are likely to cause you to slow down, stop or change direction. The test requires you to watch 14 video clips, each filmed from the drivers eye view of a car as it drives down the road. Each time you see a moving hazard start to develop you would click the computer mouse button to let the program know you have seen the problem.

The earlier you see the warning signs and click the mouse button the higher your score will be. A maximum of 5 can be scored on any hazard and a total of 15 hazards are show, at least 1 per clip, with one clip having 2. To pass this test you have to score 57 out of a maximum possible score of 75

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  • Part 2 - Driving
  • Consists of an eyesight test, two questions about carrying out safety checks on the vehicle followed by a practical driving test.
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  • Part 3 - Instructional Ability
  • Instructional ability – consists of a practical test of the ability to instruct.
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